Pevero Arte

Colonna Pevero Arte

The CPH | Pevero Hotel is a new events venue, that meets all the glamour of the Costa Smeralda with a spectacular and charming setting. The works are put on display in the Sala Pevero Arte, Sala Pevero room and in public areas like the hall and the Corte degli Ulivi.

  • Nicola Filia - Opere

    Ceramist, for years engaged in design conceived as a functional product, and at the same time conceptual artist who tends to escape the commodification of the object.

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  • Salvatore Garau – Opere 2007-2013

    The Vernissage includes works that have been already exhibited in the Museum of Saint- Etienne Metropole (France).

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  • Andy Warhol - Masterpiece

    Rudolf Budja Gallery & CPH | Pevero Hotel will be exhibiting a wide selection of magnificent Andy Warhol portraits in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

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  • Frank Worth - Hollywood Legends

    The Colonna Pevero Arte is pleased to present the 1st appointment for summer season 2010! Directly from Hollywood: legends portrayed by Frank Worth

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  • Elio Marchegiani - La Verifica Certa

    "Art is an exact science that has been lucky enough not to be."

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