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Nicola Filia - Opere

Nicola Filia was born in Carbonia in 1975, in the province of Cagliari. During the university, in the studio of his father, a painter, by chance one day he met clay: for him it was an authentic revelation that immediately turned into a great passion, making him discover his innate talent, unknown and invisible until then. He immediately decided to abandon the faculty of foreign languages and literatures and to follow a course in ceramic processing and design in Oristano, the city of the "figoli", where two years later he graduated with honors. In Florence he was called to hold a ceramics workshop at the University of Architecture, in the industrial design course, while he was already producing ceramic collections for companies such as Poliform and B&B Italia, and at the same time exporting pieces to Taipei, Los Angeles, Bonn, Hamburg and London. Even the Regional Council of Sardinia notices his talent and commissions a collection of exclusive pieces.

Then follows the baptism of the Man of Nuoro in 2008 with the installation: "Un bosco di alberi bianchi" (A forest of white trees): the intricate forest of his sensations, from where the artist still tries, without stopping, to pull out the form of his hermaphrodite soul mixed with water and fire, like the earth. In the same year the municipality of Carbonia acquires part of the work permanently exhibited at the Martel Museum, in the Great Mine of Serbariu. Ceramist, for years engaged in design conceived as a functional product, and at the same time conceptual artist who tends to escape the commodification of the object. His works become with instinctive creativity aesthetic operations able to break the preconceived schemes, linearity as the lowest common denominator and objectuality as a tool for use. Currently his artistic project ranges beyond the material, starting from the end, from waste. It is the waste of the excess material that becomes art, the clay that Filia empties from other creations.

A deconstructed waste that is reborn with a synaesthetic process of compositions and accumulations. The product of Filia's art is a weaving of clay that gives rise to models of new perceptions and decodifications of the concept of the object itself. In the last two years Nicola Filia's works have been exhibited in his temporary gallery in S.Pantaleo; there in Costa Smeralda his ceramic lamps illuminate the very prestigious Romazzino hotel in Porto Cervo and, on the eastern coast of Sardinia, the Lanthia Resort in S. Maria Navarrese. He is present with his permanent exhibition at the Pevero Golf Club. He signed the Cafe' Elite Promenade in P.Cervo, where he exhibits some of his sculpture-paintings. Also at Le Cantine Surrau in Arzachena, you can admire his works. He was the only Sardinian artist exposed at the DELUXE VILLAGE in Porto Cervo, with the installation Site-Specific Un Bosco di Alberi Bianchi.


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