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Frank Worth - Hollywood Legends

After a very successful exhibition in 2009 showing the amazing photographs of Marilyn Monroe “Marilyn Twelve” by Lawrence Schiller, RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY is proud to announce the new exhibition for July 2010. For the second year running RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY is hosting THE EVENT of summer 2010 at the CPH | Pevero Hotel in Porto Cervo, showing the photographs of “Hollywood Legends” by icon Frank Worth, which had been hidden for 50 years.

RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY presents “Hollywood Legends” in Porto Cervo, Sardinia Marilyn Monroe – Elizabeth Taylor – James Dean “The most extraordinary collection of its kind in the past fifty years” – Christie’s of London

As a freelance photographer during Hollywood’s Golden Age, Frank Worth in the 1940’s & 50’s befriended Hollywood’s biggest names, gaining access to their most private moments. He bonded with James Dean over their mutual love of fast cars, hung out with Sinatra and the Rat Pack, took photos at Elizabeth Taylor’s first wedding and charmed a young Marilyn Monroe. Worth eked out a modest living in Hollywood during the 1940’s and 50’s, when most photographers were constrained by the powerful studio system. However, Worth used his personal relationships to sidestep these restrictions, creating the greatest collection of candid, intimate images of classic Hollywood icons by any photographer. He photographed the stars at work, at home and at play, from glitzy parties and awards shows to casual outings at Dodger Stadium and trips to Las Vegas. These weren’t the cloak-anddagger stalkerazzi photos of today; the stars enjoyed Worth’s company and he had an instinctual knack for getting them to let their guard down, comfortable enough so that he could snap Rita Hayworth sunbathing in her garden or James Dean talking on the phone while taking a pee. Frank Worth’s photographs reveal the person behind the persona. His private nature and personal loyalties to the stars kept him from publishing most of his images. Consequently, only a few of his extraordinary photographs were seen during his lifetime. Following his death in Los Angeles in 2000, the family of the “reluctant” Frank Worth found a treasure trove of incredible photographs of screen legends such as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. Worth had recorded a personal, private and vivid history of the last years of the golden age of Hollywood. Only now are this largely unknown artist’s remarkable images finally coming to light. RUDOLF BUDJA GALLERY purchased an amazing collection of 25 motives of murals as well as platinum prints:

Set 1: Marilyn Monroe 10 photographs Murals: Ed. of 24 Platinum Prints: Ed. of 15

Set 2: James Dean 9 photographs Murals: Ed. of 24 Platinum Prints: Ed. of 15

Set 3: Elizabeth Taylor 6 photographs Murals: Ed. of 24 Platinum Prints: Ed. of 15


JEANNETTE HANDLER – The Flower Collection Aside from the main exhibition and as a contrast to the classic analogue black & white photography there will be shown amazing photographic works by our wonderful guest artist Jeannette Handler, a former advertising photographer. Jeannette experiments in her work with the whole range of technical possibilities of present-day photography. Studies of nature, as well as impressions drawn everyday day life and travelling, are digitally reworked and in this way defamiliarised as far as both colour and motif are concerned. She has also published many books with her artistic photographs. The present exhibition “The Flower Collection” offers a comprehensive insight into her artistic work over the past few years & allows the viewer to undertake a journey into the world of the artist’s imagination. For over 25 years Jeannette Handler has lived in Sardinia with its fantastic natural environment, landscape & light, which greatly inspires her photographic work.


Rudolf Budja Gallery represents artists worldwide at 5 locations, in Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, London, Miami Beach and specializes in works from pop art of the 20th century, up to contemporary art & photography. The gallery program includes among others the following artists: Andy Warhol, Lawrence Schiller, Andres Serrano, David LaChapelle, Damien Hirst, Wulf Treu, AES+F, Heidi Popovic, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, Mr., Richard Pettibone, Helga Vockenhuber, Lawrence Schiller, He Sen and many more.


The CPH | Pevero Hotel – Host of the exhibition Located in Porto Cervo, on the amazing Pevero Bay, the CPH | Pevero Hotel is one of the newest and already most prestigious five stars resorts in the Emerald Coast, Sardinia. The village of Porto Cervo, luxurious holiday destinations in Europe founded by Prince Karim Aga Khan IV that laid the foundation stone for this outstanding area of Costa Smerlada together with the beer millionaire Patrick Guinness in the 1960’s. The CPH | Pevero Hotel features 102 room and suites and combines the sophistication of Porto Cervo’s coveted address with modernity and efficiency in design, elegance and services. The CPH | Pevero Hotel is the jewel of ITI Hotels group, which is the leading hospitality group in Sardinia. The CPH | Pevero Hotel is also your new place of events not only associated with the glamour of the Emerald Coast, but art and culture. Indeed, for the third year the hotel will host the “Colonna Pevero Arte”, a summer program of art exhibitions of national artists. In addition to the appointments in the calendar, the most prestigious and international event, will take place on June 26th with the grand opening of the exhibition of the illustrious Frank Worth and the wonderful guest artist Jeannette Handler. CPH | Pevero Hotel: a five stars world of colours and flavours! Here you can enjoy an uthentic \Mediterranean” experience!

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Artmosphere Galerien GmbH.

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