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Elio Marchegiani - La Verifica Certa

Doing to make people think

The CPH | Pevero Hotel in Porto Cervo is pleased to announce the second and eagerly awaited event of the exhibition "ESTATE D'ARTE 2010": Saturday, August 7, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. will take place the vernissage of "LA VERIFICA CERTA", with the exhibition of paintings by Maestro Elio Marchegiani. A range of about 40 works selected from the entire artistic heritage of the artist. The works will remain on display at the Colonna Pevero Arte gallery until September 30 (with the Artistic Direction of the architect Demetrio Marrosu).
"Art is an exact science that has been lucky not to be."
Elio Marchegiani


Located in Porto Cervo, in the wonderful bay of Pevero, the CPH | Pevero Hotel opened in 2007 and is one of the newest and already most prestigious five star hotels of the Costa Smeralda. In 2008 the Hotel inaugurates an art gallery called "Colonna Pevero Arte". With the expertise of the Artistic Director Arch. Demetrio Marrosu, in a sort of homage to Sardinia, the selection of artists provides, in addition to the most representative names to which pay due homage, the presentation of new names, new expressions of young artists ranging from photography to painting to sculpture, to which offer visibility in a prestigious scenario. The matrix common to all artists who are presented, regardless of their age is to belong to forms of expression "contemporary". Artists such as Giovanni Campus, who in 2008 inaugurated the Gallery and exhibited his paintings in the convivial areas of the Hotel, fit into this context. Considering the success of the initiative, in 2009, Colonna Pevero Arte organizes a real review of different artistic events called "ESTATE D'ARTE", thanks also to a new room that is entirely dedicated to the exhibition gallery. During the 2009 season Colonna Pevero Arte hosted young emerging artists such as Francesca Randi and established masters such as Angelo Liberati and Antonio Secci. Unforgettable then "Marilyn Twelve", the photographic exhibition of 12 rare masterpieces in which Marilyn Monroe is portrayed by her photographer - Lawrence Schiller - just before her death.The Colonna Pevero Arte, for 2010 prefers again the contemporary art inaugurating the first event of this summer with "Hollywood Legends". On display the photographs of Frank Worth who portrays timeless Hollywood stars such as Monroe - Elizabeth Taylor - James Dean. The photographic works, after having been hidden in the artist's photographic archive for 50 years, can finally be admired by the public at CPH | Pevero Hotel, where the exhibition will remain until August 3rd inclusive. In addition to Worth's main exhibition and in contrast to the black and white of his photographs, in the Pevero Arte Room until August 3 you can admire the photographic works of another wonderful artist: Jeannette Handler with "The Flower Collection". A former advertising photographer, Handler experiments with the wide range of technical possibilities of today's photography in her works. Saturday, August 7, the Colonna Pevero Arte, thanks to the collaboration with the Giraldi Gallery of Livorno, will open the exhibition of the works of the master Elio Marchegiani. A range of about 40 paintings selected from the entire artistic heritage of the artist. The works will be exhibited at the Colonna Pevero Arte gallery until September 30 (with the Artistic Direction of the architect Demetrio Marrosu).


"The informal works of the fifties, exhibited here, belong to the beginning of my artistic work. When I was little more than twenty years old, that fantastic-manual predisposition, which I had been living since childhood, had turned into the determination that my future life would be that of Art. I would have thus allowed myself a freedom of communication and a "doing to make people think" that would have obliged me, presumptuously, wanting to make others think, to a constant careful evaluation of the idea, for its consequent realization.
This often implies long executive times even in the need for constant experimentation of various subjects, in that "unique faith that is a religion of progress" in the fundamental thought of a topicality where technology can decant itself, turning into Poetry. I can summarize it all by saying: constant research and not just the repetitiveness of a single idea.
My works always have a title.

In the informal period we can find intimist ones (Gestation, My vortex) or referred to the technologies of the time (Construction - Structure), where the lamination of the material in gold and silver became a metaphor for what was happening around us: the economic miracle, the knowledge of technology, electronics, the new management of political power, money, superpowers: Forty Degrees Above Tristan Zara of 1964 relates to the cry of Critic Pierre Restany who in Piazza del Duomo in Milan, for the Nouveau Réalisme festival, incited the artists to a New Avant-Garde even beyond Dadaism of which Zara was a proponent. Zipper is the closure-opening that gives light inside the work: there are many possible meanings... with a reference to the cutting of Lucio Fontana's canvases. The Black Star of 63' is an almost prophetic anticipation of the Black Holes... at the time they were talking about the conquest of celestial space.

My Locks placed on gold or silver material are always a symbol of closure, of incommunicability, they are old or ancient as old and ancient is the "Civilization of the door and human selfishness with all its sad consequences.
Erasers: rubber has the "special virtue" of living and aging like human skin: ending, dying, pulverizing or mummifying. They are works dedicated to time, to the ephemeral; they live with us in the No to the eternity of Art, but in the Yes to its transformation, its mutation. The Skin Mirror: is an invitation to caress art: or a tribute to the mirror in its impossibility to become the skin of the one it reflects. The Grams of color are a reference to the Renaissance fresco that is only Italian, in geometric rods, are followed by the artist "returned as a child", as a rebirth after the death of the Erasers. On Plaster they are a symbol of freedom; on Blackboard of coercion and codified culture.

Piercing 2003... so even Art is a fashion!
There is little to laugh about, the mouths of upturned "sharks" always laugh.
My China belongs to a series of works for a 2001 exhibition that highlighted the feelings I had during my trip and stay in Beijing in 1980. That old China we all had in our heads was drastically changing.
Little or nothing would remain of the dying Old Man. I thought of that little bit of sanctioning in my "making".
The works of the series Nature and Grammature contain what is disappearing or changing in nature, also considering their imminent unavailability (see rare shells). Crystals and Grammatures: a series of works reveal the impossibility of artistic colors to compete with those promised by the Light of its composition. All to highlight once again our littleness towards the greatness of Nature in all its supreme extrinsications."


The Giraldi Gallery founded in 1951, is located in a nineteenth-century building overlooking Piazza della Repubblica, in the historic center of Livorno. At the beginning, the Gallery's activity was characterized by the promotion of the avant-garde, searching even in apparently marginal territories, such as Livorno, for the most innovative ferments of the culture of the time. The initial enthusiasm with which the gallery participated in the process of discovery of the new (which locally meant the opposition to the post-macchiaiola tradition, still alive today) was then applied to an investigation of the artistic experimentation of the second half of the twentieth century, free from those unique references to "fashion" chronicles and handbooks; hence the activity of valorization of artists who, because of the process of homologation that had taken place, were forgotten and for some of whom a just reconsideration began, with serious delay. The reference, among the latter, is to artists such as Bonalumi, Corpora, Crippa, Dorazio, Dova, Reggiani, Santomaso, Scanavino, Turcato. The strong commitment exercised in the national field and the conviction that there is still much to investigate in order to discover true talents and to re-establish more equitable values, has not allowed, if not marginally, international level experiences. The way in which the gallery has practiced the activity of supporting artistic experimentation and the subsequent valorization of the artistic qualities identified can be found only in part in the numerous exhibitions dedicated both to the most daring local artistic group and to Tuscan and national artists (the personal exhibitions of Fontana, held before his death, are worth mentioning); for the most part, support and valorization have been identified (and are still identified today, as the best response, we believe, to the current period of crisis) with the practice and dissemination of collecting, conceived as a cultural and economic investment. Since 1957, Galleria Giraldi has represented Maestro Elio Marchegiani. "We are honored to host the works of an artist of the caliber of Elio Marchegiani, a true protagonist of contemporary art" - says Silvia Nordio, Head of Public Relations of CPH | Pevero Hotel - "Just think that while some of his creations are exhibited at our gallery in Costa Smeralda, others are in Ischia, in an exhibition set up at the sixteenth-century Torre di Guevara, in an anthological exhibition organized by the City of Ischia and the Circolo Georges Sadoul. As further confirmation of the talent of this incredible artist, in 2011 Marchegiani will be the guest of an anthological exhibition at the Pecci Museum in Prato".

Giraldi Gallery:
Dr. Dario Giraldi
Piazza Repubblica 59
57123 Livorno
Tel/Fax: 0586 883022

Artistic Director
Architect Demetrio Marrosu
Cell: +39 338 786 8753


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