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CPH Pevero Hotel: hotel with signature cuisine in Porto Cervo

A Gastronomic Journey in the Heart of Sardinia

The CPH Pevero Hotel in Porto Cervo is not only a luxury retreat, but also a paradise for lovers of fine cuisine. Our gastronomic offer is designed to satisfy the most discerning palates, with dishes that combine tradition and innovation, using fresh, local ingredients.

Restaurant Zafferano

The Zafferano Restaurant is the jewel in the crown of the CPH Pevero Hotel, dedicated to those who are not satisfied with an exceptional location, but wish to be won over by taste. Our signature cuisine offers fragrances, aromas and flavours of Italian tradition and gastronomy. The scents of the park in which it is located, the spectacular view of the Gulf of Pevero, and the authentic flavours of our cuisine are surprising. Each dish is a sensory journey that satisfies sight, taste and smell. The wide selection of wines in our wine cellar includes the main labels of Sardinian oenology, as well as the most renowned national and international wines.

The Aesthetics of the Dish and the Link with Nature

We consider the beauty of the dish an essential component of its goodness. Attention to detail, portioning and arrangement on the plate allows us to offer a multi-sensory experience between taste and aesthetics. We only use high-quality products, preferring organic and 0-km products, thanks also to our small vegetable garden and the kitchen smell garden.

CPH Pevero Hotel: hotel with signature cuisine in Porto Cervo

Our cuisine is distinguished by the use of fresh, high quality ingredients:

  • Fresh pasta made with durum wheat and stone-milled flours, following ancient traditions.

  • Fresh Mediterranean fish, including lesser-known species, but rich in flavour and nutritional values.

  • Selected meats from small farms in the wild in Sardinia.

  • Cheeses from the heights of central Sardinia, produced with high quality milk.

  • Attention to well-being We eliminate all hydrogenated fats and use animal fats sparingly.

  • Italian extra virgin olive oil is the vegetable fat we use most generously.

  • We use salt sparingly, enriching the taste of food with herbs.

  • Our Mediterranean cuisine emphasises vegetables, pulses, cereals and fish to offer healthy and tasty dishes.

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