Zafferano Restaurant

About us

The Zafferano restaurant, the pride of the CPH | Pevero Hotel is dedicated to those who seek more than an exceptional venue and wish to be seduced by gourmet flavours. The Zafferano restaurant presents an elegant signature cuisine with all the fragrances, aromas and flavours of traditional dishes and Italian specialities. Enjoy all the fragrances of the park in which the restaurant is located, the spectacular view of the Pevero Bay and the authentic flavours of its fine cuisine. An unforgettable experience, in which every dish is a journey through the senses, gratifying to the sight, taste and smell. Enjoy a wide choice of representative Sardinian wines, as well as the most important national and international labels, expression of a careful and selective choice.

The choice is yours

The cuisine follows a seasonal rotation of the dishes linked by raw materials. An always well-furnished wine cellar allows you to taste the best wines and spirits.

Aesthetics of the dish

We consider the beauty of a dish an important component of its goodness. Attention to details, portioning and arranging the plates, for a multisensory experience between taste and aesthetics.

Strong bounds with nature

We avoid use of GMO products and pay a particular attention to organic products even with the support of our small vegetable garden and especially with the “garden of the cooking herbs”. We place great emphasis on product research, considering the territoriality, seasonality, and freshness to serve our food always in harmony with nature.

Products of excellence

We produce fresh pasta with wheat flour, grown and processed in our land, according to the ancient traditions of grinding stone mill or with using only wheat durum wheat. We choose the freshest fish of the Mediterranean Sea, even the poorest and most unusual species, but rich in flavour and nutrients, that make each dish an unforgettable one. We select meat with great care, using only the first quality, also grown in wilderness in central Sardinia’s small farms. We search for our cheeses in the hills of central Sardinia, where farms produce milk of great quality, thanks to all the herbs that naturally regenerate over time.

Attention to health

We eliminate all hydrogenated fats and use animal ones, but with sparingly. The extra virgin olive oil, of Italian origin, is the vegetable fat that we use with more generously. We use salt in measure and use aromatic herbs to enhance the taste of food. Many vegetables, legumes, cereals, and fish, following the Mediterranean culinary culture.

Zafferano Restaurant – Porto Cervo


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