Running Trail

Exit the garden gate, cross the Piccolo Pevero parking and turn right towards the Grande Pevero Beach where the trail starts. The route starts from point A, follow an off road path that will take you first along the sea and then the lake (placed left side) until you reach the intersection that runs alongside the golf course – point B. Once you reach point B, turn left and go straight forward till you meet the second junction – point C. Turn left and go ahead till you reach the Grande Pevero Beach – point D – Go alongside the beach and you will arrive to the starting point.
Total range: 2,5 km
Elevation gain / loss: 236 m -241 m
Elevation: 2,30 ⁄ 75 m
Max. slope: 25,2% -20,3%
Avarage slope: 6,1% -5,7%
Ground: off-road
Level: medium
Duration: 20/35 minutes
The suggested trails are outside the hotel property. The CPH | Pevero Hotel is free from any liability, obligation or maintenance.